Thursday, September 23, 2010

bit of a change...

hello lovely readers

i have a bit of a change to announce, but before i do, don't you l.o.v.e. this cool card that stacy made for mark?! i like it a heck of a lot. i want to claim it for my own devices, but mark intends to keep it. damn it.
in fact, the 'pow' factor of the card is very...timely. it is time i was honest with the world - i bit off more than i could chew, new zealand.
who knew? some say i jump in the deep end, some say less polite things. i just said i wanted to make blanket statements in to something huge...and i needed a blog to keep me accountable. now, i say, i still want to make blanket statements bloody enormous, but perhaps not in the next few months. and also, i really enjoy blogging about things both related and unrelated to making a stunning-grassroots-company-successful-whilst-being-blogged-about.
i cannot take credit for these clear thoughts. they come from a team i call my 'inspiring inspirators' (behind their backs only):
John Brown Rose - when life threw her a pack of cards and said 'pick-up 52' she said, 'i have decided that completing one task a day at the moment is what is realistic and i'm fine with it'. how flipping good is that, especially when there is so much we feel like we could be doing.
Dee - who found new exciting direction in her blog journey that energised her. that's what i wanna do! sorry deedee, i am copy-catting. again.
Alisha - who does jolly well at taking massive (Read: MASSIVE) changes in her stride and learning something brilliant in the process: new scheduling, finding sources to write from that i personally find freedom in, a wicked tomato timekeeper and expressing perfectly what we all want to say about life's 'Surprise!' factors.
Stacy - my friend in shining armour and hot accessories. in her lovely 'stroke the shoulder, stroke the shoulder, kick the ass' manner, suggested that i take a step back in a few areas so that i could maintain some sanity. love you raceylaceystacy. that was the clincher really wasn't it? mark thanks you for your guidance!

so yep, onwards and upwards! for those of you who are following me simply because i promised to make your business successful by feeding you the crumbs from my blog...i apologise.  like dee, i am loving blogging about creativity, recording life as it is, making the most of moments. that is really the thing isn't it - blogging makes me cherish more than i did. and to record it. and in the words of pat douglas, 'make memories'. on that note, i bid thee goodnight and thank you for the time you take out of very busy lives to read my humble (mostly) thoughts. one million kisses to you, from me, the lemon meringue girl. x


alisha said...

Mel, YOU are an inspiring inspirator! I love how when we push out in creativity with one intention, we find that just pushing out was what we needed. I can't wait to keep following, wherever your blog leads. :) And what the heck are those amazing kiwi cakes at the bottom? Yumm...

Mariella said...

thank YOU missey x

Stacy said...

My most gorgeous friend Melissa-Jade Gregan.... so lovely to see the joy and spring back in your step. Love your honesty and transparency... can't wait to see what unfolds. Exciting!!!

Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

Oh, I am overwhelmed by your amazing comments, darling friends. Thank you.
And Alisha, they are mini lemon meringue pies.
I am also a little bit excited about what will unfold from here.xx

The Wilsons said...

Am watching this space...!!!! X