Tuesday, November 02, 2010

a weekend away

hello faithful friends. its been a while since my last confession. we have been away the past couple weekends, one for a beak, one for a wedding up north. excuses, excuses.

a couple weekends ago was labour weekend, a long weekend. mark started a new job yesterday and wasn't able to take a break in between. so i booked a bach just out of piha (west coast of auckland, beautiful black-sand paradise).

it has been in their family since 1922, and they have kept it pretty much as it was. the property, that is. the interior of the bach is newly painted, decorated with kiwiana and surrounded by stunning native bush.

the house is not on the beach, about a 10 minute drive, but set up in the waitakere ranges overlooking lion rock at piha beach, seen above. stunning.

we were completely surrounded by stunning native bush. so peaceful. the thing i most love about native kiwi bush is the native birds that live in it. all day i listened to tui's and riroriro. is there anywhere in the world that has birds like us? they just cant be beaten.

we went into the piha township to get coffee and to make the most of their once-yearly labour day market. that was my highlight, its safe to say.

the family had built a swimming hole, slide and picnic area about 10 minutes into the bush. we found this incredible hut next to that. can't you imagine it in the 50's?!

this amazing totara tree was outside the front of the house, and i'm not certain what used to be at the top of ladder but it is now where you go to get cellphone coverage. we were not that brave.

we had nights reading by the fire, making scones and bread from scratch, watching dvd's and sleeping. it was pure bliss. a favourite part was having some friends come stay and other friends come visit for a day in the bush trails. it was truly a weekend of bliss. 

we have decided this summer is to be the summer of weekend getaways. what a difference a couple nights out of the city makes.

bring on the kiwi summer.


Musings of a Girl Named Annie* said...

wow what a mint bach!!

The Wilsons said...


Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

ha, yeah it was a great bach! thanks for your comment Annie!

Mariella said...

One day I'll come for a weekend away with you there! xx

Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

Mari Day, I am holding you to that, No backing out now! It even had the most amazing fire places...love love love.

John Brown Rose said...

Hi Babe!!! Wow! Amazing photos and LOVING mini breaks!!! Especially the bush - so rejuvenating! Ok you can tell my internet has been down....almost time for you to have another mini break!!!