Saturday, April 23, 2011

happy easter

happy Easter!

is anyone doing anything exciting? its saturday evening and we have already done the gardening,eaten our eggs and been out on an adventure. i woke up at 6 this morning - there must be a God - and so i woke up mark. we decided to drive up to the matakana markets. we got there as it began and i am so excited - i saw rhys darby! whoop whoop! love his stuff. and we still have two whole days left. happy.

as for the cute tiger above, he lives at the auckland zoo. we went along this week and they happened to be giving this amazing puss an Easter egg as part of an awareness-raising campaign. they were encouraging people to avoid products, including Easter eggs, that contain palm oil because the collection of it destroys the tigers habitats. i knew it wasn't a great product - i had no idea that some of it was so destructive. poor tigers! if you want more info, check out auckland zoo.

anyway, on this amazing holy weekend i hope you get to demolish some chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and enjoy a lovely holiday. if you go to church this weekend, say hi to the Big Guy for me.

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