Wednesday, April 13, 2011

retail therapy

i've been hitting the local vintage stores lately. well, i always am actually. i haven't stopped as much as paused recently. op-shopping has not been great of late - does anyone else feel like the op-shopping heyday is well and truly over?
so disappointing!
i've been avoiding op-shops (charity stores) and just going straight to the vintage stores. particularly on k rd. my faves are those in st kevins arcade - fast and loose, search and destroy, vixen and of course, aunty mavis!! love love love.
here are a few of the cute numbers i've picked up recently...
my new very practical winter shoes! whoop whoop!
actually, lovely stacy brought this back from oz for me. i have a weakness for vintage souvenirs. 
i couldn't resist this pretty little 'wishing well' number by the meakins.

but this mouse, maisie, is my new best friend! how could anyone resist this face?!
don't you love the apron???!! 

hope you are having a good week. i'm looking forward to the Easter long weekend personally. i'm counting on maisie to get me through this week! and my pretty shoes. oh, sigh, so pretty.

au revoir!


Mariella said...

Ooooooo my girl, you are GOOD! You've got a gift there! xxx

melissa-jade gregan said...

ha!! i feel very lucky. i'm quite besotted with both maisie and my shoes!

Stacy said...

Lovely babe. Thanks for sharing!

The Wilsons said...

LOVE Maisie!!! And love YOU TOO X