Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anticipatory Anxiety...

I hope that's the phrase I was looking for - the one that means being stressed about what is coming up. If that's not what the Title actually says, that's what I mean. 

In 7 days (whetu in Maori, chut in Cantonese), I am hopping on a big bird (a lovely Cathay Pacific safety rated bird) and heading to London! This will be the first time in nearly 2.5 years since I saw one of my absolute FAVE's in the world, Mari. Then I will also be staying with one of my other absolute FAVE families, Dan, Ali and perfect niece Naomi. 

I am away for 5 whole weeks - thus the anticipatory anxiety. Not so big at being away from Mark for that long. Yup. I was that homesick child.

 So, as I wind down from exhibition and get wound up about the amazing holiday in London, Bristol, Sheffield, Paris etc etc, I have taken some photos of the things I love around my house. Then I can look back on this post whilst drunk in Paris and cry about how cute my cats are and wonder if my orchids are surviving! I only have one pic of 'the handsome' to add, and sadly, it was not taken at our home!

I hope you enjoy these sneaky peaks into Chateau Gregan...PS. the little number up there is my cute puss, Ronaldo. He really is something to behold!
This is a little peak from our kitchen window.
My planting area in the sunroom.
This is my favourite collection of Crown Lynn jugs.
My troupe of orchids growing in sphagnum moss.
Our living area lampshades.
One of the best paintings I picked up at a junk store.
Stella - too cute for words. I could inhale her.
Ahhhh, Mark...RingaDingDing!

Day 68: 20 July 2008
Tip 7: Re. Anticipatory stress and anxiety - what is the worst that can happen? Then when I work out that all I am worried about is actually just experiencing the feeling, I tell myself the truths of the situation. Keep replacing the lies with the truths when they come up. Spot the old counsellor in me??!! I did this a LOT before the exhibition. 
Tip 8: Re. Pretty things - I am gonna take a quote from James Dobson here, who reminded us that women are re-energised when surrounded by things of beauty. Natural or otherwise, I love being surrounded by things and people and landscapes that inspire me. I hope some of the items above have given you a bit of 'umph' for the day. Well, worst case scenario, it worked for me! ha! 

Take care friends xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Missey,
England awaits you! Hurry up and get yourself over here - we will look after you!!!! Can't wait ... can't wait!
Mariella x P.S With my Mum, she says she is excited too about seeing you.

Dee said...

SOO excited for you!! Love the pic from your kitchen window! And love your jugs. Does that sound dodgy?!


John Brown Rose said...

HAHA Jugs. Ahhhh. YAY I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU TOO!!!!!!!! It's going to be amazing...don't be anxious...revel!!!! xxxx

Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

Getting a little excited now. And Dee, if i have told you once, i have told you a million times, leave my jugs out of it!

Mark said...

Hehehe!!! You guys are HILARIOUS!!!! Happy Holidays Melissa-Jade Gregan! You will have a BALL!!!! Can't WAIT to hear about it all x x x

Anonymous said...

Can I come and carry your bags for you? I miss niece Naomi too. I'll make your travelling alone respectable - like a travelling companion in all those 1920's novels.

Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

Sure thing Kirsten - when you book your tickets see if you can upgrade me to business??!! Be your best friend!!