Thursday, July 08, 2010

Exhibition - tick.


So sorry for my long absence...who would have known how much goes into an exhibition, and the recovery required after?! Seriously, I take my hat off to the wonderful event planners of our world - Hail oh Organised Ones!

I am not sure how many variations of 'focused' behaviour exist, but I predominantly fall into the basket labelled 'Bossy focused person with exact idea of what they want'. That is what I was like right up to the day of the exhibition. Actually, until the night before.Thank you God for Gin and Tonic, really, thank you. And for patient husbands. And understanding friends who don't respond in terror to maniacal behaviour and emails. And for obsessive prior organisation, four incredible, focused and patient women who helped me set up - phew - and a lovely hubby who became 'runner'. Because, truly, I moved from the above basket to the one labelled 'Stands wide-eyed and provides unintelligible responses'. was a great night! I actually didn't want to leave at the end. The place looked ridiculously incredible - it did. I mean it. Wait till I get the photos to prove it (thank God also for fellow bloggers who remember their cameras when you don't!) - you too will agree that it was bloody amazing!!

To top it off, Cigana did a great job of the food (see below and drool in envy) and we had three handsome young guys making and delivering coffee! And they cleared up afterwards with their lovely mama.

So, check out the photos below .Mark remembered to take some photos so we got five which I have tried to turn into as many as I can with my tricky skills. And for the amazing people in my blackboard heart above, thank you thank you thank you. Arohanui. Especially to Dee - the most amazing graphic designer who created my business cards (which are the BS logo above). And the poster to the exhibition - I will be putting that in the next post. Dee's work rocks my world, Whoop whoop!

I will write up my tips for the adventurous-hearted when I post the rest of the photos of this most auspicious event! Thanks for reading. x


alisha said...

Oh I'm so happy for you! Well done friend. I've been thinking recently, "I bet Mel's exhibition is coming up." And sure enough. I'm so glad it went well and you had great friends and a hubby rallying around you. Thank God for them indeed.

I'm really glad to be in Seattle but as you well know I have a massive New Zealand-shaped hole in my heart and seeing all your beautiful kiwiana-inspired wares goes some way to fill it. What is that top photo btw? Maybe I'll just have to check your etsy page. I love it though, whatever it is!

Mark said...


Melissa-Jade Gregan, said...

ha! Thanks friends! Yes, we miss you here Alisha - we have an Alisha shaped hole in our hearts! The top pic is a hand embroidered map i made - its 90cm x 105cm so rather big!! I need to put more stuff on etsy - but to do that, i have to take photos during the day...not to easy to do for a night owl!

Anonymous said...

One word for you Miss:
Love, Mari
xx See you soon. Paris here we come!

Dee said...

For some reason this post didn't show up on my dashboard...hmm! Glad I checked in to your page to find it.

SUCH an amazing evening Mel! You are i-n-s-p-i-r-i-n-g!! The photos look so cool!! Go you!!

Lots of love xxx

Anonymous said...

Your gear looked great! Well done sunshine!